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Maximize the value of your employee benefits program.


Our best-in-class benefits decision support tool helps your employees save time and money by identifying the benefits that best suit their needs, while also providing you valuable insights about your population and benefits mix.

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Like a credit score, employees easily
see how well they are covered based
on what they need and the
benefits available.
Animated Score 2 loops

Lightening the load for you and your crew.

  • Minimal setupMinimal setup
  • Year-round supportYear-round support
  • Less admin timeLess admin time
  • Benefits mix informationBenefits mix information
  • Boosts employee satisfactionBoosts employee satisfaction
  • Quick and easy to useQuick and easy to use
  • Saves time and moneySaves time and money
  • Personal Protection Score and recommendationsPersonal Protection Score and recommendations
  • Minimal set upAvailable 24/7/365
  • Confidential and secureConfidential and secure
Employer Tab Single Image
Employee Tab Single Image
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