Your Decision Support Platform

Everything you need to know for your implementation. 

Let’s Get Started!

 You’ve decided to offer unparalleled, personalized decision support to your employees. 

There are 3 components to maximize the value of HYKE:

1) Implementation: getting HYKE setup

2) Engagement: following the HYKE Engagement Roadmap

3) Data: sharing post enrollment file for HYKE reporting

Resources below will help you to successfully complete these three components. 


1) Implementation

We’ll need a few things from you so we can build out your MyHYKE URL!


  1. Submit Documents

  • Benefit Information:
    • SBCs (Summary of Benefits and Coverage)
    • Plan Summary Documents (for ancillary/voluntary benefits)
    • Health spending account information
    • Employee & employer medical rates
  • Additional Benefit Details (template below)
  • Employee eligibility file (template below)
  • Customization Form (optional)


Access Templates Here:

Submit Here:

2. Approve your Plan-Rate Details

Once your MyHYKE URL is setup, we’ll send an overview of your Plans and Rates, as they’re entered into our system for your review and approval. We cannot launch your MyHYKE URL without this sign-off.
Once we receive your approval, our team needs a few days to conduct final user testing, and then implementation is done!

2) Engagement

Follow our HYKE Engagement Roadmap for optimal success this year.

Engagement Roadmap

We’ve perfected the simple steps needed to achieve high utilization, so you and your employees get the most from your decision support tool. By embedding us into your Open Enrollment process, it’ll be impossible for employees to go through enrollment without hearing about (and using!) HYKE.

Employer Dashboard

We’ll equip you with the communication materials you need to ensure all employees get excited about HYKE. We’ll store these materials on your Employer Dashboard for easy access.

3) Data


Using your enrollment data, our team conducts a comprehensive analysis to show the HYKE impact.

We need an updated eligibility file of all employee’s benefit elections for the upcoming plan year.

Access Template Here:


Submit Here: