Decision Doc

Everything you need to know for your implementation. 

 ! Congratulations !

 You’ve decided to offer unparalleled, personalized decision support to employees. 

To maximize the value of Decision Doc, there are two key components to your launch:

1) Setup: getting Decision Doc ready for use

2) Engagement: utilizing the Decision Doc Engagement Roadmap 

Your dedicated Customer Success team will walk you through each component to ensure an easy and seamless process.  



We’ll need a few things from you so we can build Decision Doc, but our team will do most of the heavy lifting!


 1. Submit benefit details & employee eligiblity information

We need details about your voluntary/ancillary benefits, health plans, and contribution structure, as well as a file of all employees eligible to enroll in benefits. Here’s a full list of everything we need.

Access Templates Here:

2. Approve your Plan-Rate Details

Once Decision Doc is built, we’ll send an overview of your Plans and Rates, as they’re entered into our system. This is an important step because we cannot launch Decision Doc without this sign-off.

Once we receive your approval, our team needs a few days to conduct final user testing, and then setup is done!


Follow our Decision Doc Engagement Roadmap for optimal success this year.

Engagement Roadmap

We’ve perfected the simple steps needed to achieve high utilization, so you and your employees get the most from Decision Doc. By embedding Decision Doc into your Open Enrollment process, it’ll be impossible for employees to go through enrollment without hearing about (and using!) Decision Doc.

Employer Dashboard

We’ll equip you with the materials you need (flyers, email templates, icons, and more!) to ensure all employees get excited about Decision Doc. We’ll store these materials on your Employer Dashboard for easy access.