Protect what matters most

Year-round guidance on all your insurance choices: medical, voluntary, life and individual coverage. 

 ! Breaking News !

 MyHealthMath and Sherpa are excited to announce that we have merged to form HYKE, a new, global leader in insurance decision-support. 

The merger, completed on June 1, builds on the success of our existing strategic partnership in the US, and combines Sherpa’s international Life and P&C insurance engagement platform and Protection Score with MyHealthMath’s deep experience in the U.S. health benefit and HSA markets. Our Partners and their customers can now access our combined expertise in the full lifecycle of consumer and employee insurance purchasing decisions. 

This temporary website introduces the new HYKE brand, and provides a taste of what is to come. Sign up for a demo now, and we will show you the power of HYKE today. And look out in the coming months for announcements on new HYKE Partners and upgrades to our suite of APIs and Enterprise platform.  


The Score

Understanding your protection gap

A simple number from 1 to 999, shows how well protected you and your family are for the things that matter most.

Get personalized insights and actionable recommendations, prioritized by importance, both now and over time as your life changes. HYKE helps you take control of your insurance and benefits journey.


health care Savings

$1,300 a year per employee


93% user satisfaction



The Score is all about you. Your needs, your family circumstance, and your lifestyle.

360° guidance

Holistic guidance across life, health and P&C needs.

data driven

HYKE harnesses the power of big data, actuarial mathematics and behavioral science to deliver the smartest outcomes for you.

Year Round Guidance

You can access your dashboard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So when life changes, the Score can help.


We cut through insurance jargon to deliver easy-to-understand guidance based on you.


The first decision support company with a global footprint means we’re improving outcomes around the world.

Our Partners

We partner with employers, carriers, HSA providers, enrollment platforms, distributors, and benefit consultants to provide decision support on:

Employee Benefits

Employees get a full engagement platform, delivering the best health and voluntary benefits outcomes.

at MyHealthMath.com

Individual Coverage

Customers get full 360° guidance across the breadth of their life, health and P&C needs.

at SherpaScore.com

HYKE for Enterprise

Our unique data helps employers and insurance carriers optimize their benefit portfolio and pricing, so they can increase ROI and deliver greater value to their customers. 

Premium savings

$80 saved on employer-paid premiums per employee

HSA Uplift 

2X increase in accounts and contributions